2008_08_10_USOTC_Dev_Camp 025Saturday was the USA Triathlon National Junior Championships, held here in Colorado Springs.




This is Peter Mallett and me working hard out on the course. I don’t want to say the event wouldn’t have happened without us, but it certainly wouldn’t have been us much fun.


2008_08_10_USOTC_Dev_Camp 023


This is the Junior Girls (women?) rounding the final swim buoy. The leader was Lauren Goldstein-Kral by about 30 seconds. She’s been in this camp at the Olympic Training Center with me, and I expected this type of performance after seeing her swim a 19:30 1500m time trial one morning. She had only been at altitude for a week.




2008_08_10_USOTC_Dev_Camp 030



This is Lauren starting the run with a 50 second lead over the next person.





2008_08_10_USOTC_Dev_Camp 032


This is Kate Ross, 50 seconds behind Lauren. She’s also part of the Elite Development Camp here in Colorado Springs. She had a group on the bike, and they still lost 20 seconds to Lauren’s awesome TT abilities.

Kate, however, can run like a cheetah. She took down Lauren in the first 5k and extended her lead by (as my roommate Kevin Collington says), “a shit ton.” (He also asked me to add in that a “shit ton” is the time equivalent to a ton of bovine manure, or about a minute and fifty seconds.)





2008_08_10_USOTC_Dev_Camp 003



Here’s Kevin Collington helping to clean up some broken glass in the hallway after an unnamed triathlete knocked a picture off the wall. I don’t want to say the picture wouldn’t have fallen without kevin, but it certainly wouldn’t have been as much fun.





That’s it for now.

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