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2008_08_10_USOTC_Dev_Camp 010 And not even a full half day. More like most of a night, actually. I have an 11.5 hour layover in Seattle tonight, so I’m sleeping in my own bed before driving back to the airport and heading to Kelowna for a race this weekend. I was really excited for a race in the northwest (southwest if you’re Canadian) because it would be nice and temperate. Last year it rained, which would thrill me. This year it supposed to be 100 degrees. It seems there is a heat wave following me around the world this year.

I’ll try to find internet when I get to Canada so I can write about my adventures in Boulder and Denver the last couple of days. It’s been fun.

Above is John Dahlz inside the OTC Caf’. I miss that place already – especially Flower, who told me to come back soon, then handed me a scramble that was made with pure love.

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  1. 100 degrees?! That’s ridiculous. The room here is a lot emptier without you and Peter and Jeremy. I miss you guys! However, I was able to turn your bed into a nifty bike storage area.

    Good luck this weekend, you’re fit!

  2. Oh, Kevie, I miss you too!

    Actually, I’m much happier to share a room with my cat and sleep in a bigger bed. Or last nght I was. Now I’m sharing a room with three fish and a really nice homestay.

  3. Is that aMcDonalds cup John “fatness” Dahlz is holding? It sure looks like one. I think John would make a fine McDonalds-sponsored athlete.

    I just have to add on an unrelated note that you would not believe how biased the media in Sydney is toward their athletes. Watching the triathlon on TV yesterday, it sounded like the announcers thought they could actually will their athletes into to the front by listing their accomplishments and where “they would typically be” at this point in the race. They also interviewed Phelps after his 7th gold, an Olympic record but not a world record. The reporter’s first question: “How does it feel to miss the world record?” Unbelievable.

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