Red Alert!!

Troy_drunk Troy is missing!

We got home Sunday night and haven’t seen him at all. His food wasn’t touched while we were gone. He was in the TV room when my parents left on Friday and that’s the last we’ve heard from him. I’m going to go post pictures at the Sheridan Beach Club and hopefully he’s just camping out at a neighbor’s house.

He’s such a friendly cat that most of the neighbor’s know him, but a week ago he lost his collar, so if he’s with 2008_Jan 013somebody that doesn’t know him they won’t know where to bring him! I miss my kitty.

The problem with posters is that I don’t have any regular pictures of Troy, it’s all funny pictures b/c he’s always doing something funny.

[above: Troy at my 4th of July party in 2004. he doesn’t know his limits.]

[left: This is Troy humping my jacket. Yes my room is really that messy, though I have put away my suitcase.]

Dec07 002

2008-3-20_troysBath 008

[lower left: Troy with my brother-in-law, Matthew.]

[lower right: Troy in the bathtub because he likes to be clean.]

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  1. I was just running through your ‘hood this morning. I wish I’d known to look for him! Next time we’re down there I’ll keep an eye out. We run with our dogs and they can smell a kitty from a mile away, so we’ll have a good search party going!

  2. I looked for Troy on Friday and Sunday but I just figured he was out for his typical weekend dates. I was hoping for a good cuddle session 🙁 Come home Troy!

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