Wake Me Up When September Ends

I still haven’t written a race recap for the Portland ITU Pan-America Cup. I may just not do it. Here’s the short version, which is really the only version I have to tell:

2008_09_21_Portland_ITU 017 I swam hard. I thought I was doing really well until I realized that the group I was leading on the right side was actually about 15 people behind the V that had emerged on the left. I tried to get into the mix with the lefties and (unlike Matt Chrabot who had a gutsy race) I never quite caught up to the leaders. I was around 10th or 11th out of the water. I ran though transition, mounted my bike, took about ten pedal strokes and pulled off to the side where i handed in my timing chip. As you probably know from reading the blog, my knee has been bugging me since the beginning of September. I told myself if there was any sign of pain I would drop out in hopes that extra recovery would allow me to do Scott Tinley’s Triathlon and Treasure Island. So when my knee was starting to bug me during warmup I realized that the day was likely to be short. I just wish I had a better swim.

Kevin Collington also had a great race, and his recap is worth reading. I decided not to do Tinley’s.

121-21~8 I found my cat this week as well. He is dead. I wrote a biography of Troy, but it’s more for me and I’m not planning to post it. I picked up Troy from the animal shelter in Harlem back in 2002 while I was a student at Columbia. He lived in a house with 14 swimmers and was the coolest cat I’ve ever had contact with. He was only 6 years old. I really loved my cat, and I miss him a lot. My family laid him to rest under the tree outside my bedroom. It was the first tree he ever climbed, though by that time he was well versed in climbing fire escapes and walking from brownstone to brownstone on ledges.

2008_09_21_Portland_ITU 003 Courtenay Brown also has a cat. He’s named “Kitty” and hates Greg Remaly. Courtenay (on the right) was in Portland for Age Group Nationals and stayed in the room next to me with her friend Maija (on the left). Both are cool people. Greg retired from Triathlon is and is also not doing Tinley’s this year. Greg’s cool too.

Aaron Scheidies is staying here for the weekend. He’s a lot of fun to be around, and pretty funny. Yesterday he took a bus to University of Washington where a sorority girl (Aaron and I agree that we’ve never met a bad looking girl from Delta Gamma) read his text book aloud to help him study for the Physical Therapy Boards. He lost his wallet on the bus and was stranded in the University district with no money, no credit card, no ID and a dead cell battery.

When Aaron came home he woke me from a nap to tell me he was either going to punch me in the face or I was going to do 1 mile repeats with him on the track. I chose the track.

I heard it’s good luck to say “rabbit rabbit rabbit” as your first words of a new month. I’m not sure where that comes from, but will somebody wake me up when September ends?

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  1. the other component to “rabbit rabbit” (two rabbits are sufficient) that i have heard is you have to say it *first thing* in the morning on the first of the month, whilst simultaneously *jumping* out of bed. i don’t know if this was a ploy by my mom to get my brother UP but i don’t think it was cause it only did her any good once a month.

    you don’t have to approve this comment, i realize i am kinda maniacally first-commenting your blog lately cause i am a SUPERFAN and I HEART BC and everything or something plus it’s silly that i know the rabbit rabbit rule. but i do approve of that image of myself and maija, nice photo.

    other thing is it’s bad luck not to speak to the last rabbit you see every day, which basically translates into saying “hi bunny! hi bunny!” to every rabbit you see because who knows which one is last?!

    kelly fucking says hi.

  2. Time heals everything, but I’m sure you will always have fond memories of Troy. I have a framed picture of my favorite cat sitting above my bed. Scooters was an awesome cat, and I will never forget him (most cats love me with “kitty” being an exception of course).

    Heal up, and be ready to kick ass at SF Treasure Island – maybe I will lift my boycott of all things triathlon-related to come watch you race.

  3. Crap.. so sorry about your cat. And your knee/race. Heal it up and get back at it..

    I will have to try the rabbit rabbit for November.. wish I had read your blog three days ago, I could have used a change in my luck.

  4. Ben, the pic in this post with you me and victor doesn’t get any bigger than a thumbnail. I was hoping to get a copy of the full size version.

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