Any Bulldogs in the House?

10FB09~1  Not Gonzaga. Garfield High School, which is where I spent four wonderful years. If you want to get an idea of what my high school was about, rent the movie Heart of the Game. It’s a documentary about the cross town rival HS basketball program and it’s an inspiring movie. But they also show some scenes at Garfield, and their description of us as being ghetto is pretty accurate.



101-01~8No more. Garfield just reopened it’s doors after a two or three year renovation that cost $107 Million. I haven’t been by to see, but I think Quincy Jones and even Jimi Hendrix (both went to my high school) would be just as proud as I am to see what a great job the city of Seattle did on this project.




100-0~14 I bet the bathrooms even have doors on the stalls now!






Top: Ben and Noah after Graduation

Middle: The old front of Garfield HS

Bottom: Yes, I really did wear that jacket everywhere. And no, I really don’t look any different. And yes, our school was really ghetto on the inside.]

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  1. damn, way to drag out the old high school photos for the blog ben. did I really look like that back in the day? its true though, you do look pretty much the same. its that silly swimmer’s haircut. are fro’s not allowed in triathlons these days? bring back the fro!

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