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2008-3-20_troysBath 001 I signed up to teach a spin class at U of Washington. It starts in a week, so I have until Tuesday to build a repository of good spin music. Anyone have suggestions? (What I mean is PLEASE HELP ME!!!)


I’m also trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween this year. The only rule is it has to be better than my cookie monster outfit last year.


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  1. I am a secret fan of your blog and pro triathletes in general! I used to teach spin and mainly played music that “pumped” me up. I felt that boring music (to me) made me a blah instructor and that the music doesn’t really matter, because if I am in a blah mood with oldies music or something, the class is terrible regardless.

    Some suggestions for pumping up: ( I am a fan of techno you will see)
    -anything Tiesto
    -Armin Van Buuren
    -techno remixes of oldies (the old guys love it)
    -mix in a little fall out boy – for long climbs maybe
    -depeche mode — again for long climbs
    -blank and jones
    -some of oakenfeld’s songs, esp remixes

    keep in mind you can’t please ’em all. some will like the music, some will hate it. Most important, make sure you have fun and the class will most likely follow. =)

    and as for your Halloween outfit, no suggestions….

  2. this should help… i just realized that your profile photo on blogger is your “cookie monster costume” from last year. that costume should not be hard to top, esp with some fishnets and a miniskirt. wooo shopping!!

    and for your spin class itunes list: don’t forget some hadaway, “what is love? baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more” etc. also you can’t go wrong with michael jackson if you ask me. but then again, i have done one spin class ever in my whole life, so maybe don’t listen to me!

  3. Ben, why didn’t you email me? I create a new playlist for every single class I teach (which is now 2x/week!). And I love teaching spinning. Like, it’s one of my most favorite things.

    When did you get certified?

    Agree with Anon about the song choices – sounds like this person and I have VERY similar taste!!! I love Van Buren, techno remixes of oldies (omg like I found a great version of Kung Fu fighting).

    Also agree with Anon that you can’t please ’em all. The most important thing is to play things that you enjoy (or at least kind of like), because you will be a lot more excited than if you play stuff you don’t like but you think you should play.

    I could go on and on and on about this subject. Here’s links to playlists I’ve posted (usually at the end of the post):


    Let me know if you want me to email you stuff. Hooray for teaching spinning! I’ll be curious to see what kind of a workout you create for your class. I’m always looking for new workout ideas and sets so maybe we can kind of exchange classes over email or something.

  4. I’m interested to see if you like teaching spin class – i didn’t. My only advice for music is to just choose the music that pumps YOU up, don’t try to please everyone else.

    I’m thinking of going with a “Big Lebowksi” themed halloween outfit, so don’t copy me.

  5. Sarah, wow, that’s pretty helpful. Today I went in to the IMA for a test spin with Aaron and my new boss, Carrie. I’m going to be an awesome spin instructor. Awesome that is, to anyone that likes their instructor dancing, yelling, and dressing up in sexy spandex.

    I downloaded some Top 40 crap, but I’m having trouble finding the techno oldies remixes. Does anyone have some specific oldies remixes that they can recommend? And without downloading the entire techno album, how do I know which songs to use?

  6. I might have to crash this spin class so you can whip my butt into shape. When is it? Just don’t make it get too muscular big again, ok?

  7. I think the most annoying kinds of spin classes are the ones where the instructor tells you switch into different positions every 5 seconds. I know that this is because the majority of people need to be kept engaged, and somehow pretending like you’re climbing a hill, then sprinting, the climbing, then sprinting, does the trick. It looks like you already had your first class, but you should have one where you just go for 45 minutes straight, no moving, not even to dab the sweat off your forehead.

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