Head On

image Thursday I had a head to head collision with another swimmer. we were both fine, but it hurt a lot. The girl I ran into said she was fine. It was just a confusion about where we should be in the lane. It was the same no-line-on-bottom double wide lane that made me so angry the previous three days. The girl was swimming into the far right corner of the lane then turning around and swimming at a 45 degree angle to the other side of the lane. This was her best guess as to how she should maneuver in the lane. My best guess is to flip near the center of the lane and swim in a football shape. If I’m passing somebody I go in a smaller width football, and if I’m being passed I would swim closer to the lane lines. Unfortunately, our two methods conflicted when she didn’t see me swimming to the center of the lane to flip, pushed off, and we collided.  I moaned and rubbed my aching head for a few minutes, then floated on my back, moaned some more, talked to the girl (who was really sorry, and actually a very good swimmer – beautiful technique), and then went to the lifeguard office to fill out an incident report.

There is still not an orange cone on the bottom of the pool for Aaron to use in order to see the wall.

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