Training is Hard

I’ve been so busy the past week. it’s getting really hard to find time to sit and write a blog, but I’ll do some bullets of the awesome things that have happened that I will have to write more about later.

  • image The Rocket Ride – Herriott Sports Performance started a new group ride that managed to kick my butt. After dealing with a knee injury for 6 weeks, this was my first true test of my fitness. The results? I got Dropped, caught up at a pee break, stayed with a couple attacks, got dropped, took a shortcut, caught back on, got dropped, regrouped with the chase pack at a stoplight, got dropped again, then skipped coffee to go run at the track. In other words, I have some work to do.
  • imageThe IMA pool had the lane lines in the right direction for the weekend, which made me quite  happy. Then Today, with the lane lines back to screwy perpendicular, I dropped an orange cone in the deep end for Aaron Scheidies and that made him happy. I’m convinced the pool is a foot too long, however, because I have yet to be even close to the same times when the lanes are switched.
  • image Carrie (my boss at University of Washington’s IMA) made a bunch of cds for me filled with music for spin classes. She titled all of them “Ben has no good music for spin class”. Have I mentioned how awesome she is?
  • I ran over 50 miles last week, and will do more this week, and almost every additional mile I do this week will be a fast mile. So if I imageend up doing 55 miles this week, it will be 5 more fast miles than I ran last week. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that 55 miles is not that much.  When will I be as confident running as I am swimming?
  • The fall leaves are in full colorific display in Seattle. It makes my runs awesome.

It’s 8:15pm. I’m going to bed.

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