2008 University of Washington All-Comers Intramural Swim Meet

2008_10_22_IM_Swim_Meet 014

These are the Best Friends 4 Ever! (BF4 – only there are five of us) the 2008 Champion Team from the UW Intramural Swim Meet.

Top from left: Brian Davis, Kurt Hardesty

Bottom from left: Maryann B, Ben Collins, Marijana Surkovic

We won the meet with only five people, which is awesome because I was told that it would be nearly impossible without a full roster of 14 people. Fortunately we won all but three events (I lost the 50 fly, Brian lost the 50 breast and Maryann lost something, i don’t really remember, but it doesn’t matter.)

The prize was free t-shirts!



2008_10_22_IM_Swim_Meet 018

On the back it says: Intramural 2008-2009 CHAMPION!!

2008_10_22_IM_Swim_Meet 017


This is Carrie (my boss)

and me…





I’m so happy right now…

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  1. It’s like the pasty 5! Congrats Ben, perhaps take your team outside for some sun. Oh, that’s right you live in Suckattle, WA. I think once I was the intermural wiffle ball home run champion. No t-shirts though.

  2. We did something very similar in college. You had to write in a team name so we called ourselves “Free T-Shirt.”

    I’ll never forget the poor frat guy in the lane next to me who gave up after 150 yards of the 200 free. I think everyone else was done by then and he looked rather cooked…

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