I picked up a copy of MixMeister Studio, a music mixing program that will allow me to make some sweet mixes for my spin class. If they don’t love me yet, they totally will.

Now, my next project is to plan the perfect Halloween workout (for October 30th). I need some suggestions for Halloween music. See, I really hate the monster mash, but right now I’m short on ideas and it has made its way into my play list. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Werewolf in London
  2. Thriller (a Halloween song list without thriller is like trick or treating without candy)
  3. Dead Man’s Party
  4. Spooky
  5. Friday the 13th theme
  6. Ghostbusters theme

I need twice this many songs! And they all have to be fun to ride a bicycle to! And I still need to get my costume put together!!! I have so little time!

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  1. well, go after spooky organ music and see if there’s anything that’s fast enough. spinning to pipe organ music would be strange, in and of itself. you, of course, must show a picture of yourself leading this venture.
    p.s. “if they don’t love me yet, they totally will.”………..i’m positive they already do.

  2. ministry’s “every day is halloween” is always a good one – original is pretty long, which might be useful, or you could find a radio edit. in fact i might even HAVE one. hmm.

    also “lullaby” is appropriately creepy… the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight… and you can always count on the cure to have a good bass line.

    i have some other more obscure ideas too. you are going to be sooooooo sick of my music in like a week 😉

  3. Show your “spooky” bike ride in the cemetery for the class. And shoot a video of them watching that video.

    Honestly, I don’t think there are enough good “spooky” songs out there. Maybe you just celebrate Halloween like most other adults and go to a party where all the girls are dressed up like slutty butterflies or something.

  4. OK, if you’re still looking for songs, here are a few that may work:

    1) Running with the Devil – Van Halen

    2) Highway to Hell – AC/DC

    3) Panic (on the Streets of London) – The Smiths

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