I’m tolerant, I just don’t believe in equality.

image I don’t like to write about political events (it doesn’t really fit under the mission statement of my blog), but last night’s VP debate is all that’s on my mind today. I was fired up at the pool this morning, but I had the lane to myself, so I couldn’t even swim butterfly over someone to free up some energy. I know the biggest issues in this election are the war and the economy, but I figure we’re pretty much up shit creak with either candidate on those fronts. What really bugged me last night was the question about same-sex marriage. Biden had a great answer, albeit he avoided the question at first, but insisted that same sex couples should have rights akin to straight couples with regard to taxes, property, and whatever-you-call-it-when-the-spouse-says-let’s-pull-the-plug. Then Palin chimed in the classic telltale of an intolerant [I’m really trying to keep this post PG so I’m not going to write the word I just said in my head], “I am tolerant. And I have a very diverse family and group of friends…” REALLY?! She pulled the “I love [insert minority group here], I have TONS of [repeat minority group] friends.” Really!?! Do you? So you have tons of gay friends? People you consider a positive part of your life, and yet you don’t believe they deserve the same rights as you? What an elitist [in my head I’m repeating that same word from above.]. She probably thinks crying at the end of Brokeback Mountain means she’s “tolerant”.

Bottom line, marriage is a religious ceremony and the government should butt out. Biden doesn’t have to believe in gay marriage, so long as he believes in honoring the rights of couples equally.

Oh, and drilling in Alaska is not the solution to the energy crisis. How about we take all those bright minds that are trying to get into med school and get them to believe that engineering clean energy is just as rewarding of a career path. Pump money into grad schools and math and science programs and spur the economy with high tech jobs that actually help the world. Kind of like my friend Noah who works for NREL (National Renewable Energy Labs). He’s saving the world a lot faster than the average doctor. (Not that I don’t appreciate the handful of doctors I’ve visited the past 5 weeks about my knee, it just that there are bigger problems in the world than my ability to ride a bike.) Ugh, will somebody hire me as a part time mechanical engineer? I want to make the world a better place.

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  1. If you hadn’t used the words ‘swim’ or ‘bike’ in this post I would have been mad. Diversity is not just having people of race or sexual preference it includes religion, language, ability/disability and in my house it includes choice of favorite Disney Princess (yes Ben, I know you’re already in Ariel’s camp). Everyone should have equal rights thought I’m pretty certain people should have to pass a test to vote and have children. Of course that means I might not have kids now – but I’ll take my chances. Be tollerant, set an example and ride your bike.

  2. That’s an awesome photo.

    I have a very lengthy list of things she said/did that pissed me off. It took me for forever to fall asleep last night. And, it didn’t help that my Xterra homestay guy got home from watching the debate and was like “Sarah ROCKED it! She did great!”. I really wanted to kill him or at least send Charles (aka Kitty) out to scratch a hole in his air mattress.

    But anyway, um, did you know that the terrorists hate us because of our American freedoms and our American tolerance? Even a Maverick Washington Outsider Mom with Troubled Kids knows that. And like if you read this whole comment, you get shout-outs AND extra credit! But no polar bears, sorry we are all out of them.

  3. You know, NREL contracted with my company to create the Western Wind Integration Study data set. No credity. I guess I’m used to it…

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