October? More like FUN-tober!

image I woke up this morning and said nothing for about 25 minutes, then as I drove into the parking lot of the swimming pool it hit me: September’s over! “RABBIT RABBIT!!” I screamed to no one in particular. That’s right, Rabbit freakin’ rabbit.

Today was supposed to be recovery, but I got a little excited with this double descend set that Victor gave me, and I went kind of fast for a set of nine 300s. At least I consider it fast, I guess Brian Davis would probably call me a big wimp if I told him I was barely under 3:00 in a short course pool. He’s an ass.

Also, this month will be the beginning of the first serious group ride in Seattle. It’s being called the Rocket Ride and being put on by Todd Herriott and HSP. The best part, the ride leaves from Log Boom Park, which is a mile from my house, so I’ll be able to get in a swim and breakfast before I show these jokers how to ride a bike (ok, truthfully, the one time Todd had enough free time to do a hill workout with me I was owned in a way that still hurts to think about.). The ride route will be the same every week, but it will not be published. This is with the idea that people will go as far as they can before being dropped, then will have to come back the next week and try to hold on a little longer. So you have to earn the knowledge of where the ride goes. I hear it’s around 60 miles, but I’ll probably post the map on my Garmin Connect account after I do it on the 18th. Why the 18th and not the 11th (which is the first rocket ride)? Because next week I’m out of town. Which will be SUPER fun, but more on that in a later post.

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  1. Isn’t that kind of cheating if you post the garmin route, like theoretically i could get dropped one week and then look at bencollins.org and then the NEXT week go out to like halfway thru the ride and start in with everyone feeling fresh as a daisy, or fresh as a rabbit i guess.

    Fun-tober. That is hilarious.

  2. Yes, it’s totally cheating. But I don’t really see the point in making it all mysterious. I mean, if someone where to show up fresh as a rabbit half way through that would just make the ride harder for everyone, which is the whole point int he first place. Besides, knowing the route isn’t going to make anyone more likely to not be dropped. I guess is the ride organizers have a major problem with it, then I can refrain from publishing it. Or maybe I’ll just call it, “an easy Saturday long ride” – where my HR never goes below 180 and my power average is around 400w.

  3. who are the serious cyclists going hard in october and november – that’s what I want to know.

    Ben, you are probably the fastest triathlete swimmer out there in the pool, excepting perhaps Potts – but i want to see the results in open-water now!

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