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Yesterday I flew down to San Francisco. Last time I stayed for over a month. This time it’s barely more than a day. I’m helping Courtenay pack up some stuff from her storage closet and drive her car up to Seattle. She visited for 17 days, and I convinced her to move to Seattle. That was a great plan, until it started getting snowy cold and windy in Seattle. now I’m trying to delay the actual driving home part of going back to Seattle because today was my first time riding and running outdoors in about two weeks. Plus, I feel like a total jerk because right after Courtenay moves to Seattle (based on my word for how awesome it is there) I’m leaving for two months to go to Brazil and then train in Hawaii until April.

The only thing that would make me less of a jerk, would be if somebody would hurry up and give her a job in Seattle. (I’m looking at you, Seattle area reader…)

We’re both staying at Loren’s house, which is pretty fun. His two daughters are my favorite kids in the world. Yesterday, Piper told me she loves me. Then we watched Sleeping Beauty and Sada told me that she wants to be Princess Aurora so that she can marry Prince Phillip because he’s nice. As far as I know, Sada sleeps a lot more than Princess Aurora, so she’s a great candidate for the part. Also, Loren is way less fat than Prince Phillip’s dad, which seemed more relevant when I had the two kings reversed in my head.

I don’t know what we’re doing now, but I’m hoping it involves food because the Hi-Tech Burrito I had earlier is all used up. I’ll try to blog more, but we’ll be on the road and possibly without internet, so there may be a continued drop in production until this weekend.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. Wow, Courtenay’s moving up here! Sweet! I should read y’all’s blogs more often so that I stay up to date on things.

    You guys missed a rockin’ New Year’s party at the hizzouse.

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