I’m Sick. But the President is Next Door

By “sick” I mean after swimming I slept the rest of the day. I just got up to get some food and consider running at Gold’s, but instead I’m going back to bed.

By “president”, I mean, President Elect Barack Obama. Who is currently being stalked by a bunch of paparazzi, and Rachel Ross on Oahu.

image By “next door” I mean he is staying in the $9 million dollar home next door to the house where I stayed for two weeks last December with Dr. Mike McMahon, my previous coach, at the end of Kailua Beach. When I was there I tried to lose weight by not eating for eight days (I was going for 14, but got a staff infection and a bad cold and the doctor told me to start eating if I didn’t want to get much worse.). That was really dumb, and at some point I keep meaning to write a lengthy blog post about why long term fasting (over a day) has some serious health risks, and why fasting in general is a terrible way to lose weight (it’s actually a good way to gain weight in the long run, but I don’t know many people that need help with that).

The point is, however, that if I were sitting in a gigantic empty house on the beach of Kailua again this year, at least I would have something better to watch than PDA from fat tourists (not that the PDA is unamusing).

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