final’s weak

It’s always easy to see when I’ve been studying pretty hard. I have a tendency to run my fingers through my hair until it sticks straight out – afro style.

afro I’m finishing up all the backlog of work I have due for the last day of the quarter, which is tomorrow. This includes, 2 case studies, an in-class exercise, that we didn’t finish in class, a final exam, and a poster project. I think I’m down to one question on the last case study and the poster project, which still seems like a lot of work. I’m giving this week a big two thumbs down.

But after I lift my thumbs and present my poster tomorrow night I have time to start doing things like, sleeping, swimming, biking and running. Which is a fairly comprehensive list of things that make me happy. Well, that along with humorous social interactions that have been toned down the past week while Courtenay has been around. I swear people treat me better when she’s around.

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  1. Eeewwww!!! I see flies coming out of that nest. I am sure the birds and insects love it but you may want to wash that or better yet at this point I would cut it before other things start getting infected (hahaha).

    Love the pic.

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