Weaning Off the Off-Season

image This is officially my first week of base training. That means that my off-season was exactly four weeks long, during which time I spent three weeks preparing for a 10k running race, three days doing light recovery workouts, seven days getting my schedule sorted out, and finishing up my schoolwork (“sorting out my schedule” included 17 hours of workouts because I decided to be tour guide on my bike with Courtenay), and two days of no training at all. Those two days were awesome.

This morning at 5am I joined the Cascade Swim Club for a practice. I was excited to have some high school kids beat me around for 90 minutes. I was less excited for the part about it starting at 5am. Then I heard the set, and was even less excited: 15×200 @ 2:12.5 (I moved to the slowest lane and did 12 @ 2:25). This is not the kind of set I was looking for my fourth practice back in the water. Ouch. The only redeeming part of the morning was getting to listen to Nirvana Incesticide. I love Grunge music.

So I guess I’m back at it. And! Apparently, having never spent much time on the base portion of my training, I have quite a bit to gain by building up my aerobic base – perhaps some endurance and strength to avoid injury next season.

Unfortunately, in the four weeks of “off-season” I also rehashed a few bad habits, and started helping a bit more around the house (my dad will read this and think I’m lying, but he was out of town – so he’ll just have to live in disbelief.) Now, I can’t just drop everything again cold turkey! Here’s my list of thing I need to stop doing in order of priority:

  1. House work – it’s terrible for recovery.
  2. Nightlife – this was a close second, but a night of dancing has a lot more benefits than cleaning out the dishwasher.
  3. Baking cookies – it’s extra time on my feet (bad for recovery) and the cookies are much better when my mom bakes them.
  4. Watching movies after 8pm – especially of the Braveheart or Lord of The Rings variety.
  5. Morning coffee – I swam at 5am this morning, how is that possible without coffee?
  6. Eating cookies – first I have to convince my mom to stop baking them.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m tired.

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