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Last summer I got irritated that every time I met somebody who read my blog they seemed to know all the current events of my life.  So I apologize if on occasion I am a little vague and unclear when mentioning why I am going to Incline Village to train in November or who is driving from Cali to Seattle with me.

image  This suit may fill in the gaps. If you need more dirt, check out Courtenay’s blog – she’s a little less secretive.  I asked Courtenay if she would get me a suit from Splish, and she came up with this. Now, before she  orders it for me, she wants to know if I will actually wear it. I would say yes, just for the humor of it, but I swim on a team with high school kids! It’s hard enough to be “cool” around those kids without a heart and kisses. Maybe if it was blue and had a grumpy face and a “NO” symbol on the butt. The unicorn can stay. Unicorns totally kick ass.


This is the one I came up with to be her gift to me. Before the order goes through I need to know what you think. Hers or mine?

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  1. I have no doubt you don’t already have the pink one. It’s not like you swimmers actually have a closet to be in – so we already know. There’s nothing left to hide Ben. Can swimmers even be cool in the first place? Not really. Even Phelps got picked on in high school, luckily it’s only 4 years unless you’re Ben in which case it’s about 15 years.

    Speaking of unicorns: I did see this white horse on the side of the road up on a hill. If it had a horn it would have been a perfect unicorn – so I said to the girls ‘look, that horse could be a unicorn if it had a horn” and Sada quickly states that it didn’t have rainbow hair, so it wasn’t even close. Real unicorns need rainbow hair.

  2. I have never had so much female attention as I’m getting from the pink suit, and I don’t even have it on yet!! Clearly it must be the right choice, and must have nothing to do with Courtenay’s facebook status: “Courtenay wants you to go to and vote for the pink one”.

  3. Darn it! You’ve already decided and I just now saw the message, I mean…. But in case it matters, hers!

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