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2008_1_3_New_Years 010 It crossed my mind that I should have a New Years Resolution. Aside from the obvious ones that I can’t possibly be expected to keep (e.g. be nice to lap swimmers, don’t make fun of blind people, read my workouts before I do them, etc.), I really couldn’t think of anything worth committing to.

Tomorrow my life starts again. Not that I have been dead, or have been doing nothing, but the normalities that tie my days into one huge knot of restless activity will be resuming. This includes biochemistry lectures, cycling classes, yoga, physical therapy, and let me not forget the 25 hours of swimming, biking, and running on my calendar for this week alone.

The biochemistry class and cycling class is nothing new. What is new, is that I will be teaching a cycling class at Herriott Sports Performance, I’m learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone and my brother-in-law is finally going with me to Toastmasters, so we can both become the great speakers of our time.

I’m trying to visit the IMA a bit less, as I’ve realized that the $2.00, plus 20-45 minutes (depending on traffic) for a bus ride each way, plus the expense of trying to find food or lug around enough food is actually costing me only slightly less than a monthly pass to the lap swim pool near my house. The key to getting in all these training hours is being able to recover, and it seems that every time I go to the IMA I end up being there all day.

One thing I have resolved to do (though I wouldn’t exactly call it a New Years Resolution) is to make the Institute of New Medicine a greater part of my support network. I am going to have them work with me in regards to planning my nutrition, acupuncture, general health, and preventative medicine. I said in a previous post that if there was one thing I would have spent more money on last year, it would have been Inewmed, and after going over my budget I was pretty happy to find I could do that with just a little extra frugality in other parts of my life (e.g. fewer Q’Doba Burrito trips from the IMA). Quite honestly, if you’re serious about your athletic performance and have the 2008_12_17_EagleBites 006means to get to Inewmed there’s no reason not to get a free consultation to find out what they would do for you.

Alright, this is my rambler blog post. I’m done for now, but I’m going to be back on a regular blog schedule, so check back frequently. I’ll leave you with a picture of my dog, Teisha.


She’s 14, and so what if she’s a little overweight. That’s like 100 in human years.

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