Brazilian Swimming Pool

2009_Brazil 031This morning after breakfast, and after calling the airlines to find out where my bags are, we gathered at 11am to head to the swimming pool. We were all riding over there, but unfortunately, I have no bicycle. Instead I wore my bike helmet and rode on the back of a motorcycle with the man that was leading the way. Now, I have my motorcycle endorsement, and I have even thought seriously about owning a motorcycle, but thanks to recent events those dreams have been replaced by nightmares and fear of motorized two wheel travel.

2009_Brazil 013 Apparently this was not evident to the man driving the motorcycle. The way to the pool was casual. We were leading a pack of cyclists, so we stayed clear of traffic and moved cautiously through the streets. I even worked up the courage to take my camera out and snap a bunch of photographs.

On the ride back, however, the group was already gone, so we were on a b-line for the hotel. Honestly, 25mph feels much faster on a motorcycle while squeezing past other traffic on a narrow2009_Brazil 016 road than it does when I’m on my own bicycle. Also,  Brazilian traffic doesn’t seem to mind if cars stay to the right or the left. It’s tackled on a case by case basis. Virgilio used the motorcycle for a draft and stayed right on our wheel, so when we got back to the hotel he looked at me and said, “That was fun, yeah?”

Yeah… fun.2009_Brazil 021

2009_Brazil 023

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