My Bike is In Guaruja!

My bike showed up. Now I have something to ride, a uniform to race in, my first aid kit. and a pair of Keahou running shoes. Plus the stuff from my carry on.

My carry on has the following:

  • My laptop, camera, and chargers.
  • A pair of K-Swiss Training Board Shorts
  • Four Clif Bars (3 are now digested completely)
  • A K-Swiss Hoodie
  • My Toiletries
  • My Bike Shoes
  • My Helmet image
  • Some Beef Jerkey
  • My Ka’ona Racing Flats
  • Dura-Ace Pedals.
  • In addition to that, I was wearing:
  • A K-Swiss Track Suit (dark blue)
  • Boxers image
  • Socks
  • Another pair of Keahou trainers

an d most importantly

This shirt is my favorite long sleeve shirt I’ve ever owned. It’s light weight, reflective (who would have guessed from the title) It fits perfectly. I’m wearing the white with blue highlights, and it really doesn’t bother me in the heat. I actually think it’s better than short sleeve because it’s light weight and keeps the sun off and reflects the rays.

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