My Little Shopping Spree

After several dead end conversations with the Brazilian American Airlines people, I still have no bag. Actually it’s even less close to arriving than I thought. Customs said I have to be there to pick it up, but I can’t call customs because, “they have not issued you a retention number, but when we have it we can give you the information to call.” This doesn’t make sense to me, and when I finally called the American Airlines people in America, they also thought it made no sense at all. So much so, in fact, that they told me they would authorize me to spend up to $250 on clothing and things I need for the race. Now if only there were a nice bike shop nearby…

Here’s a picture of two dogs that became my best friend when I fed them some of my lunch through the open window of the restaurant.

2009_Brazil 036

2009_Brazil 034

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