Rachel Ross is Stalking Me!!

Yesterday I arrived on the Island of Oahu. I flew 9.5 hours from Sao Paulo to Dallas on Monday night, had breakfast in the airport, then went for a second 9.5 hour flight from Dallas to Honolulu. Bob Havrilak (Adam’s father) picked me up. The trip was 31 hours door to door, which was pretty awful (not worth all the air miles I earned). I’m staying with him in Hawaii Kai up until the Lavaman Triathlon at the end of March. Bob is awesome, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that in the coming weeks – right now I want to talk about Rachel Ross’ stalking of Ben Collins (she’s good at it).

The first thing I did once I unloaded my bags from Bob’s car was to head out for a run around Hawaii Kai. There I was a mile and a half into the run when I hear a car honk and see some lady waving at me as she flies by, too quickly for me to see who was driving, but then gets stuck at a long light a block away. As I got close I tried to peak into the car, the light changed  and as she pulled away I strained to see any clues as to who had waved.

Then I hit a sign pole. Seriously, I ran my shoulder and forearm into a hard metal pole so hard that I have bruises and it’s a little painful when I bend my hand backwards.

Then last night I talked to Courtenay on the phone, and apparently Rachel Ross was the driver, and when she made it home she decided not to send me an email or facebook message (she has both options), but rather to FB Courtenay. Great, I hadn’t even called Courtenay to tell her my plane hadn’t crashed and she already had a FB message from another woman telling her I was out running in knee high compression socks. At least she didn’t see me nail the pole.

This afternoon I went for another run around Hawaii Kai. Bob rode his bike along with me, and I had no recognition events – or so I thought. But when I got home Courtenay called and told me that she had another FB message form Rachel, who apparently saw me again today, but still didn’t actually stop to say hi or otherwise try to say something to me.

So Rachel, is it easier to FB message my girlfriend in California than to email, call, or FB me? Or how about just slowing down and saying hi?

On an unrelated note, Adam Havrilak’s memorial service will be this Sunday, the 15th of February, at 2pm. Here’s the email that Bob sent out:

Hi Everyone!
Adam is back on Island, and if you want to share some Aloha with him, and his island Ohana….here is the plan.

Sunday afternoon, we are going to gather at Mauanloa Bay Beach Park (located in Hawaii Kai at intersection of Kalaniana’ole Highway & Keahole St) for a traditional Hawaiian service, to talk story and give Adam to the ocean.

We will begin to gather at 2:00 for some time to share among friends, and talk story about Adam.  We’ll begin the service at 3:00 and and conclude the service by taking Adam out to the ocean in his boat.  We should have a few boats available if you would like to accompany us and even join him in the ocean for a swim.

We’ll adjourn around 3:30ish and move over to Adam’s favorite Hawaii Kai spot, Kona Brewing Co. to enjoy more stories, a viewing of the memorial video his sister put together, and to drink a few toasts to his life and our memories of him.

I will publish an announcement in the advertiser, but please be kind enough to spread the word to his island ohana.

Bob Havrilak

Please spread the word to anyone that knew Adam and would like to come.

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  1. You wish, dude! >:)

    I wish I had seen the pole incident. Today at work I slipped and fell in my new high heeled boots – about two seconds after telling my friends to check out my ex-bf who was sitting in the window. He totally saw me eat it.

    I’m whisking kids to and fro during your designated run time! I’m the volvo-mom with Andre the Giant on the back.

    The last place I saw Adam was at Kona Brew. I will plan on coming by. It must be nice for Bob to have you around.


  2. I haven’t had a Rachel spotting yesterday or today. Maybe I’m running too fast for the Volvo?

    Email me when you get a chance, I want the insider’s scoop on where to run in this concrete jungle we call Hawaii Kai. Or maybe you’ll be on the Boca group ride tomorrow?

  3. It is a bit of a ride, but I’d run in Queen Kapiolani Park on the edge of Waikiki, lots of grass, and a hill up the back side of Diamond Head for reps and a water fountain on the top. Enjoy.

  4. I have to say, it sounds like Rachel Ross is stalking your girlfriend and just using you as a cheap piece of FB conversation meat. how’s it feel to be a cheap piece of FB conversation meat?

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