imageHere is a map and elevation profile of my favorite ride. The loop part is my favorite anyway. The rest is kind of crummy with stop lights and traffic.

It’s 8k up and 8k down with 500m elevation. Plus, at some point since I moved away from Honolulu they managed to pave the side of the loop I ride down (I go clockwise). The road is so smooth now that on my Beyond Fabrications Radius Carbon it feels like I’m just gliding through the corners the whole way down.

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  1. You’ll have to take a picture from the bottom. At first I didn’t think 500 was much and then I noticed that you are the same Ben Collins that uses the metric system. Do your really just do 1 loop? When you do an 8k up and 8k down – can you count the 8k as part of the workout? I always feel guility about counting the downhills.

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