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2009_02_HawaiiTraining 104  Today was an awesome day. I finished up a short training block, which means the next few days I get to rest up and visit Jaco Van Delden Physical Rehabilitation (or just Jaco for short) and get my muscles stretched out and ready to rock again.

This morning I swam my longest solo pool swim this year, and maybe ever. 5600m, which isn’t that far, but I hate swimming by myself, and I’m pretty sure every time I’ve attempted that kind of workout in an empty pool it has ended up finding a way to shorten itself. After that I headed off to Tantalus (yup, it’s still my favorite ride – Marin County may have more miles of climbing, but this place is special.) Above is a screenshot from my Garmin Connect. The info is off of a Garmin Edge 705 and a Quarq Cinqo crank mounted power meter.

2009_02_HawaiiTraining 036 After I finished training for the day (including a stretch and some calories) Uncle Bob (a.k.a Bear) gave me a guitar lesson (I’m learning to play Jimmy Buffet – Another Hotel Room), then took me out whale watching. We saw a few whales coming up for air, but nothing like the full on jumping breaches I saw a few days ago when I didn’t have my camera.

But what really made today an awesome day, was a belated Valentines present from my beautiful and nice and wonderful girlfriend in Seattle: THREE NEW CUSTOM SPLISH SUITS!!2009_02_HawaiiTraining 093

There’s the I <3 BC “don’t frown” design, the pink unicorn bencollins.org design (which I’m calling Unicorn Planet, though if you google Unicorn Planet, you’ll get something a little different) and the ever so Valentine’s appropriate < CB+BC 3 (that’s an attempt at a text heart around the initials – I accidentally wrote “CD” there last night, and this morning I ad an angry email…) plus butt kisses. Can you guess which design I made? Oh, and all three have unicorns front and center. I’ve said it before, unicorns totally kick a**.

I can’t decide which one to wear tomorrow!!! Rachel Ross is going to be there, so I have to look good. Otherwise I’ll hear about it from Courtenay, who will have heard about it via stalkerbook from RR.

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  1. Rachel Ross Rachel Ross Rachel Ross Rachel Ross! Thanks for posting maps and pictures and stuff. I’m really hoping to never see you wearing those swim suits. I’ll give you $5 if you do a track workout in the red one though at the Rainbow track and have a video shot of you doing it.

    PS – Jimmy Buffett rocks. I think I’ve got everything he’s ever done. There isn’t a better soundtrack for living in a tropical climate than Buffett (which I pronounce ‘boo-fay’ giving it a french flair).

  2. Isn’t Jimmy Buffett in town? Swim out to the Hemisphere Dancer (his boat) and introduce yourself. Any of those cute suits will get you on for sure. RR will probably go with you.

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