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image Usually when I go more than a week without posting anything it’s because I’m either travelling without internet, or just so busy that I don’t have the the time or energy to write anything. Not this time, I’ve had plenty of time, just no muse.

I did a talk last week with Raise The Bar, which was exciting. There’s no story attached to that, other than having fun shmoozing with the big wigs of the local triathlon scene. I also spent a couple days in Federal Way (a town with the nicest pool in the country, but nothing else going for it) with my friend Phil Spencer. He’s been doing triathlon for way longer than me, and probably knows more about the sport than I do, but he has a chiropractic clinic he has to run (Spencer Chiropractic) which makes it too hard to win big on the international scene.

Meanwhile, my muse for creative writing took a vacation with Loren, in which he caused some oversized woman to clog an airplane toilet on takeoff (I’m actually happy not to be writing about that first-hand), placed sharp, race-ending rocks under the feet for both Courtenay and Chris Tremonte at Wildflower (say what you will about Oprah’s Secret, but can you really tell me it’s pure coincidence that two people can can room together at a race, converse for two days beforehand, have similar energies and attitudes going in, and they both suffer the same injury and have the same race. I’m not saying you can will a rock under your foot, but it’s still suspicious to me.), and Manny Ramierez is terrifying fantasy fans who will have to suspend him from their rosters for 50 games.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at home through a series of cold spring storms wondering how on Earth I am going to be ready for the 90 degree mid-western temperatures in Oklahoma City and Austin the next two weekends. It’s sure to be an exciting month, which I’ll write about, whether or not I can find the magical words of creativity and inspiration.

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  1. it’s not “oprah’s” secret and it’s not a secret. everyone knows poor people are just poor because they didn’t will enough riches to themselves, DUH

  2. I’m not sure what’s more amusing — your snarkiness or Loren’s row 27 exploits.

    Wait, no, Loren’s wins. But you get kudos for the ‘Tranny Manny looking like he’s about to start having contractions’ photo.

  3. I win I win. I hit a possum today while on my aero bars and we both lived. Once and a while it pays to have a little extra ballast. I think I survived it only because I spent 15 minutes helping patch a tube twice for a woefully underprepared cyclist in the middle of nowhere today. Looking forward to you being the sunshine of Seattle when we’re there. Move date is June 26th.

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