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image Where to start? I had to go look at my website to remember what I wrote about last time, and it was very disappointing. So I’ll start with the funny stuff. I raced on a relay team with Raise the Bar yesterday at the Seafair Triathlon. I had the fastest bike split, but Chris Tremonte won the regular race, and when he went up to receive his award, the announcer reminded him that, yet again, he didn’t break my course record. It’s good to feel loved, but he’s the one walking away with prize money. Courtenay raced too, and her swimming looks WAY faster (thanks to a few pointful lessons I’ve given her). Then after the race, Courtenay ripped Chris’ towel off while he was changing in the middle of transition. The money should help Chris feel better about being picked on, right?

I’ve been running through Lincoln Park in West Seattle. It’s really beautiful and there are a bunch of trails (well, a couple trails) with good surfaces. There are also day camps for little kids in the park, and a few days ago a little girl told me that a plastic bottle filled with dirt was her “baby” and that “he’s hungry" (As she shoved more dirt down the top). Are all little kids weird like that, or is it just the ones that walk up to sweaty strangers in short shorts?

My dog died. That’s not a funny update, but it’s true. She was 15 years old plus a couple months, was blind, deaf, had heart disease and arthritis, and was a great dog. I didn’t even mind so much when she pooped in my lap last week. I just told her she was a good dog (which she couldn’t hear) and gave her a bath.

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