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image The wind turned northward this week, and fired up some cold weather. My mood turned southerly this week and fired up some cranky attitude. I also am back to the training hours I was used to prior to my last racing block, and the energy expenditure is taking it’s toll. Here’s my week so far (in a very rare move for me to blog about actual training):

Sunday, an hour on the bike, 45 minutes of running, and an evening sail after dinner.

Monday, 7400 yards in the pool, and hour on the bike, an hour of running, then off to Inewmed for some acupuncture (helps with the recovery), back home to meet up with Courtenay to go with her to the pool where I coached her in swimming for a bit.

(I normally don’t like to “coach” a girlfriend because when I tell her things like, “that’s not working, you look like a plastic bag trying to swim…” I have to hear about it for much longer than with a paying customer who goes home to their own significant other without ever taking my words personally (right Kelly?). After her last race, however, I agreed she needed some better help than the occasional tip from two lanes over, or the apathetic idiot coaching the masters practice. So until she finds a team to swim with, under a coach that can tell that left and right are not the same as front and back, I’ll have to make a little time each week to give some advice.)

Tuesday, ran in the water, road my bike at Inewmed, where Neal Goldberg did a bike fit for me on both my raod and TT bikes, then went to pick up Courtenay from work so we could swim in West Seattle.

We didn’t make it to West Seattle, however, because by the time I got to Amazon to pick up Court, my head had started throbbing, I was coughing so hard I thought my lungs would fall out, and I generally wanted to curl up in a ball. We went home, she left to go swim on her own, and I’ve been laying down wishing the would would stop spinning.

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  1. I think you called me giant drowning orca or maybe it was a land-based animal. I think rather than say what someone looks like in the pool – say what they SHOULD look like. example: “Court, that is pretty good – but BE the canoe (kayaks sort of waggle at either ends).

    I also found it effective when you hit me with the kick board. Try that. Don’t keep hitting during the rest interval.

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