image The past week has been way too much fun for me to think about feeling sorry for myself. The USAT Endurance Mobile Tour (run by my friends Rory and Mojdah) has been camping out at my house, and my friends Trish and Matt flew in to join the fun. I haven’t been sleeping a lot, but my cycling and running volumes are backup to respectable, even competitive levels. I’m also becoming a much better sailor.  I love lists, so here’s one with a bunch of links to the various blogs that have been written from my house over the past few days:


  • From Trish, a ultra-running PhD student at U of Texas who is studying tripping. She posted pictures of food and fly fishing. I preferred the awesome food from Portage Bay Cafe to the fly fishing (I lost two flies in the rocks.)
  • From Rory, who has been driving around Seattle with me trying to find a local sponsorship for 2010. In exchange I’ve been dragging him around Lake Washington on a wakeboard and in an inner tube.
  • From Courtenay, who spent the weekend winning Seattle’s biggest triathlon, the Danskin Women’s Triathlon. Somehow a single gender race manages to have 5500 women (and it sold out in 2 days).
  • The Endurance Mobile Tour, who were at the finish line selling all the gear those 5500 women needed.

I met Sheila Taormina. She’s my new favorite Olympian (no offense to Victor and Marijana and the Kirk Sisters, you’re great too). I found her sitting on the floor outside the Danskin Expo waiting for a ride. A minute later I was pouring my heart out to her for advice. The gist of it: injury is a time to recover and become stronger, and it gives you the time to focus on giving back to the people around you.

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