I was on the news and in a magazine

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on my last post. I’m sure I’ll get through this, and somehow be better for it. At least I have some friends coming to town this week to take take my mind off fractures.

I heard a rumor that on Sunday channel 7 news used a stock clip of me from last fall, where I was ducking under caution tape to keep running past a land slide on the bike trail. My sister saw it, and told me, but didn’t have her Tivo running. I remember the camera crew, they were filming around Thanksgiving.

Also, I heard the last issue of Northwest Runner Magazine had an article with a picture of me titled something to the effect of “Can really expensive gear make you as fast as Ben Collins?” This issue, unfortunately, was no longer available when I heard about it.

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  1. I have that issue of NW Runner around here somewhere. If I find it before Sunday I’ll bring it with me to give to you/Courtenay.

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