CapTex Triathlon Recap and The Problem with USAT’s officiating system

This year the CapTex Triathlon was another bundle of joy. I was 3rd after being given another poorly delivered penalty – this time for a rule that does not appear in the official rules. On the bright side, the organizers of the race stepped it up from last year, and did a really great job […]

Peeved: White Necks – the Urban Idiots

White Necks are the most dangerous people in the world. Everyone who has tried cycling knows the dangers of red necks on the road with their jacked up pickup trucks and tires that tower over you head. They try their best to scare the poop out of you when they come by on the highway, and will honk and yell things (i.e. “get off the road”, “nice ass”, or “WOOOOWEEEE”) out their open window. Luckily, those giant tires warn us from 5 kilometers away that they’re coming, and the drivers are actually paying such close attention to us that, while obnoxious, they’re far safer in their actions than the citified, wannabe civilized, overstressed, under-slept, all-organic idiots you find in any urban area of America. I’m referring to what I call “White Necks”. It includes the lawyers, doctors, soccer mom’s, and all types of business people who seem to think that their hurry gives them rights over the highway, and permission to risk the lives of everyone around them so they can get to their next appointment.