Christmas Karma

Hawaii 001 For Christmas this year I agreed (with myself) not to do gifts (the video below shows my one exception). I may have muttered this to a few people around me, but was secretly hoping that someone wouldn’t get the memo and would send me something awesome. Karma, however, was quick to bite me for that strategy because on Wednesday the 23rd I found out that I need a root canal and I have no dental insurance. Calling my mom to beg for a rather unusual Christmas present made me feel particularly bad about not having a “real job”.

When Friday rolled around I headed to my cousin’s house to watch his 6 year old open her gifts. It was really interesting. She took longer to open the gifts than any child anywhere. She would open a present, then read about it, open it, show it to everyone, inspect it from every angle, maybe play with it for a few minutes, then ask if someone else wanted to open a gift next. I found myself questioning if she was really six, or if there’s an older soul trapped in her body.

I was given a snail shell and a gift certificate to the restaurant and Turtle Bay Resort, which I intend to spend in full on Monday when Courtenay and I go to dinner with my cousin and his wife. So in a way I got my wish of the unreciprocated presents.

After the tree was empty, my cousin played his new Wii game and I went for a run . It was truly epic – to where I feel obligated to devote a full blog entry to that particular run.

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