How Many Shoes Does a Training Trip Take?

I’m in Honolulu! Courtenay and I are staying with her brother for the next few weeks, and training in the warmth and sunshine of not-Seattle. I’ve been trying to get Courtenay to document our trip by filming it, but so far all we have are a bunch of images of her trying to get away from the camera. Soon I’ll resort to the self-filming technique popularized on YouTube by those without friends.

When we arrived we realized that I won an unplanned contest. She brought 6 pairs of shoes (running shoes, bike shoes, walking around shoes, and 3 pair of flip-flops) while I brought 7 pair (All K-Swiss: 2 Keahous, 3 pair of K’onas – one old pair for walking around in, one pair for track workouts, and one Brazil Flag pair for making myself popular when I head to Rio next month – bike shoes and a pair of K-Ruuz for racing in). See? I win.

Perhaps situations like this are why I find this video so funny.

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