Weekend Edition: OMG OMG OH! MY! G-D!

This weekend is going to be exhausting. I leave on Tuesday for Hawaii, and really won’t be back in Seattle much for the rest of the year. That leaves me three days to clean up the gigantic mess of unsorted stuff I’ve collected from the past 40 races I’ve done. Basically I’ve taken over a good portion of my parent’s house and if I don’t get rid of a bunch of stuff I’ll have to listen to my mother nagging me over the phone for the next year, “Ben, what do you want me to do with the box of stuff you left by the dining room? And did you need this stack of papers on the desk in the hallway?”

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe I should go run to calm down.

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  1. Congratulations Ben! Keep up the good work. Do you think you’ll be going to the SEAS reunion next summer?

  2. yes. run. calm down. then clean it all up if you wish to keep the same parents. i know about these things.

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