Yesterday I heard from the USAT Lords that I have been approved for residency at the Olympic training center. This means that I can live permanently on campus in Colorado Springs. There are OTC campuses elsewhere that hold quite a bit more appeal to me, but Beggers should not be choosers, right? Apparently USAT doesn’t have any beds in Chula Vista (San Diego), which is where I would prefer to live, but they will let me go there for a few months this spring! I’m a little bubbly with excitement, as much as I love my home in Seattle, I also love the adventure that comes from moving and learning a new place. So my latest plan for the next 4 months is this:

December 15th to January 13th: Honolulu with Courtenay
January 17th: Fast Triathlon in Brasil with Chris Foster* and Matt Chrabot.
End of January: come back to Seattle, pack my stuff into the Honda Element and drive south.
Feb-may: training in California!

I’m not so keen on driving straight through to Chula, so I will definitely be looking for some people to stay with (and possibly train with) along the way.

I’m goin to miss my friends and family, but I think this move is going to be really fun.

*Courtenay would like to point out that she suggested that Chris would be a good teammate for the fast triathlon AGES ago. Thanks for the good idea CB.

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  1. That will be a title contention team in Brazzzil.

    All the best with the OTC living…you know ur going to miss the west coast rain right

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