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I feel like I have been playing catch-up on my blog for a year, and it makes for boring reading. So instead, I’m just going back to rambling about my day as if everyone reading knows all about the last few months of my life.

Today I’m officially back into full-time training mode. Victor has been telling me for weeks that I can start training again as soon as soon as I have the itch for it, but skiing and weekend trips to Canada and late nights with friends seemed like it was far too much fun to be interrupted by preparation for a racing that’s still four months away. But alas, the rain stopped falling in Seattle, and the mountains are icy and the Nordic skiing is still a few weeks away from opening, so I might as well pull on some bib-tights and ride my bike.

Along with the start of training I went into inewmed today with a fresh pee sample and a hungry stomach. I’m doing a full metabolic analysis through Genova Diagnostic. According to their website the this test will provide “a comprehensive nutritional evaluation to identify specific imbalances of vitamins, nutrients, and essential co-factors. This profile also provides assessment of gastrointestinal dysfunction and detoxification impairment.” Meaning when Inewmed does my nutrition planning for 2010 it will be based on science and data, rather than pure observation and guesswork.

I feel healthier and more energetic going into next season than I have the past two years. I remember in 2008 calling Matt Dixon, an elite level coach in San Francisco, to ask what it meant if I was always tired, always broken down, and couldn’t sleep. This year, I can knock off a 10 hour night any day of the week, my family seems to enjoy being around me again, and I’m not struggling to recover between workouts. A big part of this is the work I’ve done with inewmed, and the rest, I believe, is having a really good coach: Victor Plata.

Empowered by feeling healthy, and knowing that I’m in good hands again next season, I decided to make my first big PR error on Slowtwitch about how since I started using BASE Amino (to link this thread back into the theme of the post I should point out that BASE Performance partners with inewmed for some of their products) regularly (mid-summer) I have become faster, stronger, leaner and have lost about 5% of my body weight. That’s pretty significant, and it makes me wonder how strong the correlation is between my regular use of BASE Amino and the weight loss. So, I asked the Slowtwitch crowd if anyone else had seem results like mine associated with the product. Then – and here’s my PR blunder – I put in an aside pointing out that I pay for BASE products, which was a short way of saying that I’m not making up my story for some unknown incentives. You can check out how well I made myself look like a jerk right here. Oops.

Maybe I’ll be more successful at upgrading my computer to Windows 7 and developing a new website for Rory.

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