The mountain looks bigger from down here

This is week #1 of training for the 2010 season. I have 48 weeks left until my last race, 16 until the first World Cup of the season, 16 until I race my first World Championship Series triathlon in Sydney… I look at these numbers and start to wonder why I’m sitting on my trainer in Seattle, where it’s 30 degrees outside. Am I crazy? This season I plan to run around 3000 miles, ride my bike for nearly 15,000 miles, and swim a cool thousand miles. Suddenly 48 weeks  doesn’t seem like nearly enough time! Can I put in extra now and earn vacation time this summer? (Ironically, yes, but the “vacation” will come in the form of rehab.)

I’m excited for what lies ahead, and feel privileged to even have the opportunity to attempt the summit.

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