Independence Day!!

It’s the fourth of July, which is my favorite holiday. I like it because the weather’s nice, and I have absolutely no obligations. If I want to see family, I see family, if I want to see friends, I’ll hang out with friends – and everyone else has the same lack of obligations. It’s the perfect day. This morning I had a career day on the track. I did 10×600 with 2 minutes rest and averaged 1:40. That’s pretty good for me! I think it must have been the special kicks I was wearing from K-Swiss. These USA K-Ona’s are perfect for Independence day, or a podium. And with a run workout like that, I hope to have more opportunities to wear them!

Here’s some pictures from the pool party we had at the OTC today. I didn’t think wrestlers could swim, but check out what they CAN do!

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  1. I did that today with ryan in the pool! Just needed a little boost. Way fun to fly!

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