London Photo Shoot

We had a photographer come to London to do a photo shoot with all the US athletes this week. Unfortunately, several weren’t here yet, but that was good for me. I capitalized some pro photo time and had some cool shots taken. I think anyway, I haven’t seen them yet, and all I have now are these pictures I took with Katie Baker’s Cannon point-n-shoot. It was my first trip to London, so I was thrilled to see Big Ben and parliament and red phone booths. Enjoy…



Team USA Getting Ready

Jill’s instantaneous happy face. (She’s quick)

Yup, he’s an Olympian…


Hopefully when I get some of the photos Peter took, they’ll look as pro as him.

Which is slightly less pro than I look.

Jenna Shoemaker and I have cool watches

Ben and Abe. I know President Lincoln is awesome, but I’m not sure why there’s a statue of him here in the UK.

Ben and Kevin. Collins and Collington. We’re awesome too.

Chris Foster. He’s soooo GQ!

Exiting the underground. Photographer in tow.

I let Jill borrow The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She’s finding it difficult to put down.

Oh NOO!! Parlament is about to be attacked by a homeless robot!!! Somebody! HELP!!!

Look, it’s euro-trash, it’s an American Tourist… NO! It’s Super Ben!!

Super Ben and Big Ben. Together at last. The world is safe.

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