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Here’s some pictures from Hamburg. Katie Baker took them. I have yet to ask the right people for pictures taken by the pros. Perhaps I’ll ask after London so I can get them all in one go around.

Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures from our London Photo Shoot. I forgot my camera, but I stole Katie’s and took a TON of pictures.
Also, tomorrow is the women’s race here in London. It starts at 1pm GMT, and will be live on Go there a bit early because you have to create a login to watch the live stream. For those of you in the US, 1pm is 5am PDT, 8am EDT.
Sunday will be my race. We start at 4pm, and will also be live on – 8am PDT, 11am EDT.

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  1. Ben

    Good luck Sunday. Have the SF Marathon Sunday so can’t watch the live feed of your event. Have fun.

    Bill Carroll

  2. i love these pictures—–they bring back great memories of 2007, maybe one of my best races. great streets, and to finish in front of the wonderful statshaus was glorious. at the cost of stating the obvious, i would remind you that you were king that day, winning the whole AG shebang.
    have a good race in london.

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