Panasonic New York City Triathlon 2014 Champion

Sunday I won the Panasonic New York City Triathlon, the fourth race in the Lifetime Fitness Series and my second win out of the four races. I’m really starting to hit my stride this season, and I’m really excited for the next few competitions. Rounding out the podium were two awesome runners, Kaleb VanOrt and […]

Monroe Pan America Cup and my Seattle Homecoming

After Guatape I flew straight to Seattle. It’s always hard going home during the season, or anytime really. Whenever I travel someplace for an extended period of time I try to get into a training routine as quickly as possible. (The routine makes training take less time, you have a time for each workout set, […]

Guatape, Colombia ITU Pan American Cup

I’m here in Edmonton, the capitol of Alberta, looking over the past few weeks down south. I’m really enjoying myself this year, and the past three weeks have been no exception. After Cartagena I flew to Guatape, a small mountain town near Medellin in Colombia. The week between races felt like an eternity because there […]

Hamburg Pictures

Here’s some pictures from Hamburg. Katie Baker took them. I have yet to ask the right people for pictures taken by the pros. Perhaps I’ll ask after London so I can get them all in one go around. Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures from our London Photo Shoot. I forgot my camera, but I stole […]