The past two weeks I’ve done sessions in the lab with an Oxygen mask. I’m not sure the O2 really allows me to go much harder, but it certainly makes my recovery faster. I did a bike/run workout both times. The numbers were good, but what surprised me was how I felt the next day – eager to hit it again!

That’s the new Blue Seventy endurance race kit. It’s amazing! Doesn’t restrict breathing, swimmable, tight around the mid-section (other suits bag up on me), and quite breathable. Plus it’s white and meshy in the back, which is great for summer races.

I just wish running with a mask and tube on a treadmill were a little more natural…

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  1. are you kidding? O2 workouts are the best. I could usually easily push another 30-40 watts. and they made 3:05 kilos feel easy! I really miss them, and I’m back at sea level!!!

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