Preparing for a Break

I’m ready for a break. A JAIL BREAK!!

Next week is the San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz, which will be among the most fun events of the season. I could write all about it, but Victor and Terry did a great interview (complete with Ben Collins shout out!) on Comcast Sportsnet (CSN). Check it out:

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  1. Man. Terry looks weird without his glasses!

    Kudos to Victor I would have gotten confused with that first question. TI and Alcatraz are completely different races! Do some homework Mr. Reporter.

  2. too bad he couldn’t have said ‘Ben Collins, sponsored by KSwiss and Presented by Garmin and Power Bar, brought to you by Blue Seventy Wetsuits’. We gotta nail that NASCAR sponsorship talk!

  3. Nice plug for you Ben. I volunteered to work the event so maybe I’ll be able to catch up with you and say hello.

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