Flying Without a Bike

There’s a lot of outdoor stuff to do in Colorado that I don’t have the energy for during the season, like hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and fishing. The problem is, I don’t have much of my gear in Colorado because when I moved there in February I was expecting to leave for Seattle for my winter fun time. Now it’s November, the season is over, and I just want to stay in Colorado to play. Fortunately I was convinced to fly home this weekend.

Today’s my nephew’s first birthday, and my sister was pushing me pretty hard to come home for it. At first I was thinking, “what does the kid care about me being home?” Then it occurred to me that I love my sister and if she cares then it’s worth it for me to be around. So I booked a trip home that turned out to be perfect timing for the start of winter training playing. I’m bringing back my skate skis, snow boots, gloves and a few extra pair of winter socks, and my climbing shoes. If I’m going to be in Colorado for the winter I’m going to make sure I’m enjoying the cold. Sure, I’ll be training 30 hours a week again soon, but at least if I have my skis with me I’ll be able to choose not to go skiing rather than just wishing I were able.

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