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  1. Ben,

    The first time I got hooked on triathlon was when I saw a race similar to this in Waikiki. They had all the top pros from Australia, New Zealand and the US, and they did a sprint distance race in three stages: first they had everyone do a 500 meter swim, followed by a short bike (I think it was about 3-miles), then a one-mile run. As soon as the first person crossed the finish line, a 10 minute clock started counting down. As soon as the clock hit Zero, they would start the same guys all over again doing the same distances in a different order (bike , run, swim). Again, when the first guy crossed the line, the 10-minute clock would start the countdown again, and they would all line up to do the run, swim, bike. The entire event took place on Kalakaua Ave between the Hyatt and the Zoo. The fans were lining the street, and could see the entire race. I got such a rush from watching the race, I just knew I had to get into triathlon.

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