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In August I moved away from the Olympic Training Center. I spent three years there, and took a lot of things for granted. This week I’m heading back for my Spring Break, and I intend to appreciate everything – even if the weather ends up being just as cold as Chicago.

Aside from the mountains – and those are a big incentive to go back to Colorado Springs – I’m really excited about drinking terrible coffee (that I don’t have to brew myself), Taco Tuesday (with tacos that I don’t have to make myself), Normatec Boots, the recovery center, a full blood panel to see how my body’s holding up, ice baths (that I don’t have to brew myself), and a 50m pool with 80 degree water where I can finish a workout without shivering (seriously U Chicago, what is up with the 78 degree lap pool? We are not wales!). I’m also looking forward to picking the physiologist’s brains about how I can prepare for San Juan while training through a Chicago winter. Because whatever happened last weekend needs to not happen again – my brain is worth too much to me to bake it!

It’s funny, I’ve only been away from the OTC for half-a-year, and still I’m almost as excited to be back as I was the first time I trained there (way back in the 90’s!). I plan to tell everyone I see that they need to be more appreciative of what they have. Seriously people, they take the trash out for you and vacuum thrice a week! THRICE!!

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