T – 15 hours

Not much to say. I’ve been relaxing most of the day. Went for a run around the transition area to check it out and hopped on a trainer in the USAT elite room at my hotel. Being around the elites sheds some light on how small my race really is. These guys are here and next week they’ll be in South Korea getting ready for a World Cup race in Beijing. Just another day in the life, right? If their race isn’t that big a deal, then what’s my race?

Whatever it is, I’m ready. My bikes ready to go into the transition area tonight. (I just need to find trash bags to keep some of the rain off). I was able to practice my bike mounting and dismounting in the hotel hallway (though the halls were filled with maid carts, not one of them saw me, which halfway ruined the whole point of doing it.). My shoes are powdered, I’m set.

If this were a dance off I’d say, “bring it on”, and the other 107 people in my wave would say, “we’re brinin’ it” and then I’d spin on my head about twelve times to the beat of some german techno, and follow it up with a couple back and front flips. Seriously, it would be sweet.

Maybe I should be a break dancer instead of a triathlete, ’cause at least then I’d have a cool trick for parties. (not that taking on and off my shoes really fast isn’t a cool trick, just, well…you know what I mean.).

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  1. Good Luck Huli – Piper is ‘NEEEEEEEEEKED’ and Sada says ‘go fast unlce huli chicken’. Stick with the triathlon, your pants will fall down if you try dancing. See you on the other side of the race.

  2. I agree minus a belt and underwear you and break dancing might not mix, but it might be very entertaining to watch, it might be equal to watching me attempt the butterfly stroke. Oh, and references to bring it on… hmm interesting.

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