World Record

He did it!

Aaron Scheidies is officially the first physically disabled athlete to break two hours in an olympic distance triathlon!

I’m writing a full report of the weekend, which is going to be long, but there’s no way to describe this experience without giving it the depth it deserves. It wouldn’t be fair to Aaron.

Tomorrow (Monday October 15th) Aaron is going to be on Good Morning America. Our flight was canceled and we ended up staying in Dallas where Aaron did the interview tonight. The weekend’s a blur, I’ll try to focus it onto paper tonight and I’ll blog as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon.

Until then, google Aaron Scheidies (videos should be coming out tonight or tomorrow), read the newspapers, and watch Good Morning America. This was an amazing experience to be a part of.

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  1. Congratulations Aaron! Proud of both of you and excited to hear the stories from Dallas. See you on Good Morning America, what an inspiration you are for anyone who’s willing to work for their dreams.

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