Toyota Dallas US Open Life Time Fitness Triathlon

That’s a mouthful. The name is huge, and so is everything in Texas. I’m too busy to write much this morning, but I wanted to post a link to a video the Associated Press did on Aaron and me, and our attempt to break a world record this weekend.

Right now we’re off to meet with sponsors and then to pick up our racing bike: a 25 pound full carbon tandem made by Griffin. This is going to be a fun trip.

More later.

Ok, they’re running late, so I’ll mention a couple more things.

We’re staying in the Hilton, which falls under my usual complaint about fancy hotels: EVERYTHING costs extra. Internet? extra. The gym? extra. Banana splits delivered to our room? extra! The hotel used to host visiting basketball teams, but the players complained they had to walk to far to get to their rooms. It’s true, this place makes the Taj Mahal look like a shack.

There are some really fancy things here too. There’s a motion detector on the light switch in the bathroom. It works well too, after keeping the light on all night long, the detector knew to turn OFF the lights the moment I walked in the door. How did they know I like to shave in the dark?

We have a guy from Life Time Fitness who has been driving us around, but last night he had go to a meeting, which left us taking a cab to Life Time Fitness – North Dallas for a workout. The cab driver got lost, drove in circles for 20 minutes, then tried to charge us extra and told us it was OUR fault he got lost. Apparently after it was obvious we were lost, and he ignored Aaron and I’s request to stop for directions, that was our fault. Also, he said it was our fault that the address we gave him was “confusing” (but correct), and apparently a visually impaired guy and a kid who’s never been to Dallas should know how to direct a cabby (He actually said this stuff). We spent another 10 minutes agruing against similar absurdities. It was so rediculous that when we finally got into the LTF we were both laughing too hard to tell the front desk why we were there.

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  1. Moral of taxi story:……..Set the needed GPS sites in your Garmin before traveling in fog or with taxi cab drivers and never leave home without your Garmin.

    Count your blessings Ben, at least you didn’t trip going to the bathroom in the middle of the night! Saved the battery on using your Garmin to get there too.

    You both look ready for this race…….smile and race hard……good luck and have fun!

    Love, Mom

  2. NO FREE BANANA SPLITS!?!?! What kind of horrific place is that? Somehow I think shaving in the dark is a bad idea… find a lightswitch.

    Seriously, Garmin ROCKS! I am so glad my Dad left his with me, I just use it to figure out where things are in this crazy area.

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