C is for Cookie…

Cookie Monster
I’m not sure this picture even deserves a caption

We had close to 200 trick or treaters at my house last night. We live in what you might call a “destination spot” for Halloween. Parents put their kids on buses to come to our neighborhood. I didn’t have a costume, so I turned an old swim parka inside out, put pom-poms on my head, and spent the night by the door warning kids about the risks of Diabetes, Childhood Obesity, and Witches. I wanted to give out apples (poisoned, of course), but discovered that my budget only allowed for Mars Brand candies from Costco.

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  1. are you sure that isn’t your real hair dyed blue?? Oh the HORRORS of one night of gluttony!! Unfortunately we had like 2 trick-or-treaters and I was sad cause I had a cool costume… super scary vampiress.

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