End of the Rainbow

I’m back in San Francisco for a week. I flew into Oakland last night because Southwest is super cheap (even the bike fee is less than most other airlines). Loren picked me up, gave me dinner, then said goodnight because (like most athletes with real jobs) he had to run at 5am this morning. I on the other hand, slept in until 9:30, made oatmeal, and have done nothing but study for my Organic Chemistry midterm in the morning.

Saturday is the Treasure Island Triathlon. It will be my second draft-legal race since I got my elite license in October. I’m a bit nervous because it means I can’t fake the run. The draft-legal bike leg means my swim puts me into the front pack on the bike, then I have to outrun the rest of the guys I ride with. On the plus side, I’ve been running much faster than ever before.

Marr and Collins at 2007 Lavaman
(Much faster than when Tim Marr ran me into the med tent at Lavaman)

This is the last race of the season, and I am stoked for an off-season. Here’s a quick rundown of the last year of races:

13 triathlons: 3 sprints, 11 olympic-distance, 11 domestic, 11 amateur, 1 as a “seeing-eye-dog”.
4 running road races: 2 10km and 2 5km.
2 bike races: 1 road race, 1 time trial
2 swim meets: 1 real one, 1 not-so-real.
# of girls that beat me: 1 -> Andy Taylor was 15 at the time, and she beat me by almost a second in the 800m free.
First race: February
Last Race: November.

It has been a great season, and Treasure Island is the gold at the end of the rainbow. Hopefully I’ll have something else to add to the list after this weekend.

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  1. yay one more race! I can’t wait to come home and watch you go in circles, litterally since I read the course description. watch out for sharks, there really are some in there.

  2. You left out all the girls who kicked your ass at Husky practice. Not to mention my wife’s faster 50m Fr.

    Seriously, that “girls who smoked me” list ought to be much, much longer.


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